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About my training

I am a BHSAI registered Instructor and a BE accredited coach.

Teaching and training horses and riders is immensely rewarding and gratifying. I teach a large range of ages and abilities, firmly believing that everyone can achieve their personal goals. And that everyone’s ambitions are as important as each other, whether its working towards your first ever dressage competition, learning how to do rising trot, or overcoming a fear of ditches, I pride myself on treating everyone as individuals, forming a trusting relationship, knowing when to give encouragement, when to push for more or back off a little bit. I am positive, full of enthusiasm and energy and I have a belief we can all achieve. I strive to put that energy and belief into all who I teach, getting the best out of you and your horse. I am available for:

  • individual and group lessons,
  • riding and pony club clinics
  • tailormade courses to suit all your personal requirements