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About my sponsorship

I have wonderful sponsorship from the following sponsors:

Furlongs (www.furlongs.co.uk)

They started sponsoring me in 2002, they have a range of quality, effective products. All my horses are fed on their all-round vitamin and mineral supplements, which keep them in tip-top condition and looking great. There is an outstanding cream, which is so versatile, it is the most effective fly repellent I have ever used. It can also be used on wounds. They make lead reins, lunge reins and their famous anti-vice haynets, which are so strong and durable. Also, a huge range of clippers, studs and equipments. They even have a great rug-cleaning service. For more details, please visit their website.

Superfix (www.superfix.net)

I am extremely excited about a company called Superfix, who make bespoke supplements tailor-made to suit your horses needs.

Carol Michael PhD has a wealth of experience in all aspect so horse husbandry. I was introduced to her a few months ago and was immediately impressed by her knowledge and expertise.

Riding horses is an art where you are constantly evaluating how they are feeling, how they are looking and how they are performing. I love my horses with a passion and I can tell when something is not operating quite as it should. In the past I have found it difficult to know who to turn to when the horses were not feeling quite right, as it would often be very subtle. On meeting Carol, all my past worries were erased, at last I had found someone who knew horses, who wanted horses to not only perform to their best of their ability, but wanted them to be happy, comfortable and in the best condition possible. She has a passion for what she does, a genuine love for the horse, which is very rare to find nowadays.

I feel so privileged to be working with Carol. She is now doing a monthly clinic at my yard, where she will look at my horses and my clients horses and will work out a programme for them, taking into consideration their temperament, their conformation, their workload. We will discuss how they are looking, feeling, performing and she will then design the perfect supplement to suit their needs.

I have a couple of horses which have been given to me termed as “un-rideable”, Carol has looked at them, assessed them and made them a suitable supplement, the difference in them is unbelievable, they are now allowing me to work them, their performance is improving, their condition is blooming, it is incredible. We are working towards the bigger picture, looking at long term goals. Horses need time to develop, to make changes gradually. All my present horses are novices and I am so excited to have Carol as part of my team to ensure that they have the best to enable them to work their way up through the grades to the ultimate championship level.


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We are proud to support Laura and her wonderful team of horses.