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About my horses

I have five horses to compete this year.


owned by Mark Grice (my husband). She is a stunning bay full of natural energy and exuberance – a real talent with lots of scope. She did her first season last year gaining 13 points and doing her first 3 day at Aldon at the end of the season, where she was placed. She is going o start the season at novice and hopefully upgrade to intermediate as the season progresses.


owned by myself, my mother (Susan Fortune) and Sue Nowak. Bruno has come into his own over the winter – he has always been gutsy and full of talent on the XC, but has taken time to understand the dressage – he is getting to grips with it now and I can’t wait to get stuck in with him this season. He did a double clear and was placed at Aldon Intermediate, his last event last season. His going o start with a couple of novices and then carry on with intermediates, working towards a 2*.

Suzie Bell

owned by Paula Gwinett. A cracking mare who gives you her heart, she just keeps improving – the more you ask of her, the more she gives. She loves her job so much and has a real conscience – she did a double clear and was placed at her first 1* at Aldon last year – she is a pleasure to ride as she thrives on competing, a real adrenalin junkie. She will do a couple of novices and then carry on with intermediates, working aiming for a 2*.


owned by Yvonne and David Schofield. A very impressive striking chestnut who I started riding in November. He did a couple of events last season and I have been building our partnership over the winter. He has got that special presence about him and I can’t wait to learn more about him once we start competing – he is starting at pre-novice and will then move to novice.


owner by myself, Susan Fortune and Anne Lees-Jones. A storming bay gelding, half brother to ISA, who has a wonderful temperament and a huge jump. He did well at BYEH last year showing lots of potential. We are going to produce him slowly as I don’t like to rush the young horses and we will bring him out in May.