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About Me

Welcome to the world of me! Laura Grice.

Horses are my passion, my love, my life, the reason for getting up in the morning. They are an addiction, a drug that makes you continually want to learn more, understand more, its all-consuming, never-ending, and totally fulfilling. Horses captured my heart at a very early age. If i heard a clip clop outside the house, I would rush out dying to get a glimpse, seeing if I could persuade the person to stop to see if I could give the pony a pat. I am very lucky that my mother is a great horsewoman and has ridden all her life and we both share the same love and passion for horses. Her support, love and total dedication have been with me since the outset. She has stood by me through the highs and lows that the journey with horses inevitably brings and has given me the confidence and belief in myself and our horses.
I have an elder brother who excels in all sports, so when my mother was offered a Welsh mountain pony called Misty, she leapt at the chance. Visions of lead-rein classes leapt before her eyes, but he had no interest. Rugby and tennis were of far more importance, mothers dreams were thwarted and Misty had to be sold. I was only 3, far too young to ride such a naughty pony. I can remember now screaming and pleading for him to stay, but my mother realised that there was no point putting in the effort if the children weren’t keen. It was much better to test out at the local riding school. I had years of fun at Mary Dawson’s riding school doing weekly lessons, fun days, holiday camps. I was hooked and my parents knew it. So, after much deliberation, Deejay was bought at Christmas 1985, another grey full of character, with a huge buck. This is where I learnt grit and determination as Deejay and i offered differed in opinion, but he was the foundation and started the journey. I would need a book to describe all the ponies that followed and the adventures we had, of which there were many. These fun years and early days gave me the desire to keep pushing for me, the sharper the horse, the bigger the jump...the better. My love of cross country was formed and from here on, my eventing career was started. This s where the sport is totally fascinating, as we have to try to perfect the three disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross country. Not only that, we have to train our horses to be able to be calm and submissive for the dressage, careful for the showjumping and brave and bold for the cross country.



My love is forming a close relationship with a horse, building a solid foundation, where they learn to trust and respect you, taking them gradually, step by step, through the grades.

All too often in today’s society, people want “quick fixes”, and to take short cuts in training methods, this is due to the ever-increasing high standards, the dressage scores keep getting higher, double clears become more frequent, horses become machines and are not given the time to absorb and learn how to do their trade. This results in lots of novice horses, who are too burnt out to develop to the ultimate goal of advanced competitions.

I have high principles and old-fashioned values, where I take the time to produce my horses, putting emphasis on their fitness programme, their condition and well-being.

I have produced two horses from 4 year old to 4 star level, each one doing a double clear at their first four star, Loughnatousa Sam at Burghley in 2000 and Hallo Again at Badminton 2005. I am very proud of this achievement and I am looking for future young horses to work on this same ethos.